Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre-Christmas Craziness

How is it that every Christmas there are the 10 last minute people you forget to buy gifts for...or the people who give you gifts that you're now obligated to get something for. 

I attended a little get together with some friends- thought it was just for a friendly coffee and suddenly everyone is giving me something!! Ughhhhh- no- can I duck under the table, hide somewhere- no gifts.  I am a terrible ungrateful person.  Now these people are not close friends- I like them, I like seeing them every once-in-awhile, but I don't know them well enough to actually get them a gift that's anything they might actually want.  So, I will take the easy way out and buy them something appropriately generic that says, thank you for your gift, here's mine in return.  I don't want to be the lame person who does nothing.  I can just feel guilty about getting a crappy gift!

On that note, I go to my daughter's aftercare program and she's got a white elephant gift exchange in 2 days- no one told me about this.  While I'm at Walmart buying a gift for a 5-year old's white elephant gift exchange, I figure I had better get the 2 aftercare teachers something- not that I don't want to give gifts, I really do! However I'm so stressed out about giving a crappy gift that I would rather give no gift! No stress, just guilt!! Does it ever end?  Please don't buy me anything!!

My daughter's Kindergarten class asked for volunteers to donate things to the Holiday Party, my contribution was 25 plastic forks!! Woo Hoo! Nothing creative and I get to feel good about helping.

I truly must  be Scrooge because I am so stressed over the holidays. I am going to need a double dose of Botox just to unfurrow my Christmas frown! My husband-  loves Christmas and the Holidays, any Holiday! He's at Home Depot for the Black Friday sales to buy wreaths and garland. Fa la la la la!! He's get the best sense of design, he truly missed his calling. Our house is tastefully and beautifully decorated, I can not take any credit for it, I don't even try.  My contribution was to drink the entire bottle of Bailey's while decorating the tree.  My 5 year old daughter did a better job decorating the tree than I did, I thought the Bailey's might help my creativity, honestly there is nothing that can help me  in that department. I am the least creative person I know.  Wait....the Bailey's is kicking in!! The holiday spirit is heartwarming- I will truly enjoy the holidays this season- who am I kidding?  When will this craziness end? I'm sure I'll be at Target 10 more times before Christmas Day.  I am good at
un-decorating, I love the finality of putting away all the STUFF!! 

Until next time! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!


  1. :-) I feel your pain. I like the decorating bit, but giving gifts that are an obligation instead of a personal impulse gets a big thumbs down.

  2. I got the brilliant idea to crochet gifts. So 3 weeks before Christmas I began. So 5 cowls, 4 hats, and a pair of leggings later I was finally done. Until I realized I wanted originally to make a red angry birds hat for my son. So 3 days before Christmas I started that finished Christmas Eve. I love homemade things, not sure if anyone else did, but at least they will not freeze this winter. :)